Three notes about the way of learning, for athletes and dancers.

Three notes about the way of learning, for athletes and dancers.

These notes were written at different times, but I decided to combine them in one place, so that they don’t get lost.


  1. A little reflection on the topic of LEARNING.

“When a man starts to learn, he never has a clear idea about the obstacles. His purpose is vague, his intention is unstable. He expects reward, which he will never get, because he is yet unaware of the upcoming difficulties. Gradually, he begins to learn – first slowly, then more and more successful. And soon he gets confused. The things he learns never coincide with the things he was imagining, and the fear traps him. The learning always turns out to be something different then you were expecting” ©


People, who start training, don’t realize which result they can achieve. A person, who consciously chooses training, is capable of considerable transformation, as physically as mentally. The mistake of many is that they don’t divide body and mind, for example: “my body does not obey”, “my body doesn’t understand me, I can’t agree with it”. But how can you perceive your body separately from yourself? The body and mind are inseparable. Still many train only the body, without training consciousness. We all understand that it is impossible to become an architect all of a sudden, because it is preceded by years of study. It is impossible to construct a building on the first try so that it would be livable and it would not fall. But for some reason everybody keeps training only the body, without preparation and reflection. A mistake is to think that the body is primary. What is primary, is the consciousness that is giving the orders, evaluating “what”, “how”, “why” and “in what sequence”. The feeling that the body is primary leads to injuries, frustration and lack of motivation.

An athlete, who is constantly working at full capacity, is gradually achieving a somewhat different assessment of what is happening, then the beginners do, he looks at the world differently. The main goal of an athlete becomes building HARMONY. Training the body leads to a transformation of consciousness, as well as changes in consciousness in their way effect the training. Especially, if you have no predisposition to sports, you clearly start seeing changes. It is impossible to catch the balance with restless thoughts; you need to be balanced for the static strength training. You won’t be able to do acro-tricks unless you overcame fears and complexes. And the ability to quickly redirect attention will help in dancing and technical tricks. But the most interesting is that in these cases too, a skill transfer occurs. An athlete, who has achieved awareness in sports, has no problems in social communication. It is easier for him to build up relationships, to think through and to make decisions in everyday life. There is no difference between sports and ordinary life, sports is one of its facets.

That’s why I don’t believe in motivation. The whole work as a complex becomes motivation, motivation doesn’t explain itself and doesn’t fill itself. How can you motivate yourself to eat, to wash, to sleep, to go to the toilet? You can’t. You are already doing it. How to motivate yourself to do sports? After a certain time this question loses its meaning, because why do you need motivation for something that is already part of a balanced life? You thought that you would just get in shape, but you became a different person. Think of yourself at the beginning of the training, realize and think what else do you need to do and how long is the way. And when the others would ask you: “Why do you train?”, you will answer: “What do you mean why? I just want to be a Human Person”.

“Anyone, who starts learning, has to try his best, as much as he is capable of, and the boundaries of learning are determined by the student’s own capacities… Fear of knowledge – is a usual thing; we all are exposed to them and nothing can be done on that. However, no matter how intimidating learning can be, it is even more frightening to imagine a person who has no knowledge.” © KK

  1. Why hurry? The whole life is ahead of us!

This is for those, who are not particularly aware of it. Many somehow think that I at once was able to do pole tricks and bar tricks, that I immediately began to give Master classes and deliver information, that I right away started to write articles, without preparation. I have to disappoint you – it is not true.


If you will imagine the most ordinary person without special skills and without predisposition to sports – it would be me. I was not born as a parkour person or a strong workout man, I hate team sports, and my grade for skiing at school was not higher than 4. In the university I had a general exemption from physical training because of my eyesight. When I started breakdancing in the late 90s, I could not stand on my hands and could barely do push-ups. Later I learned horizontal flag for 2 years, at the beginning of training I could do 8 pull-ups and 6 push-ups, it is very little. I had to start reading about the technique; otherwise it would have lasted forever. It took me 8 months to get from the first attempts of cobra and yoyo to the basic elements of gimbarr. It took me 3-4 years to learn some basic elements of gimbarr, and some elements I still can’t do. It took me about 6 years of journalistic practice to adequately express my thoughts on paper. About 10 years of practice to make video’s. About 8 years to learn to communicate with people on the level of a good salesman. To lead and organize master classes and to systemize information – about 15 years of practice in different areas plus reading textbooks, plus veterinary education, which has become a bonus in understanding of information.

“Why do you need it? Will you stand your whole life on your head?”, — they said. Well, yes, I really hope so :)

You know, guys, the rule of 10.000 hours works. It is possible, that if I had started to train now, I had been the last one. With my hand on my heart I tell you that you, that I am still behind, always catching up with myself. I can’t keep up with the trends and I am surprised by the young talents, it is difficult to match the current development of the disciplines. But gradually the skills are stored up and processed. I was just interested in it, that’s why I didn’t quit. As a friend of mine says: “Why hurry? The whole life is ahead!”

And if ONLY after a couple of months of training, not getting very good results you will feel disappointed and think: “No, it is not for me…”, just listen to yourself… If you like it, if it speaks to your soul, keep training. Why hurry? The whole life is ahead of you. Something will happen.

  1. “Are you going to stand on your head for your whole life?”

“Are you going to spin and jump on your stick for your whole life?” “Where is your mind? You will break your neck!” “Will you be dancing your dance till you are old?”


I guarantee that you’ve heard something like that from your parents/relatives/friends/acquaintances on Internet. Sport looks inferior in the eyes of the majority. A person in our society doesn’t represent anything if he is not wearing a costume and is not spending 5-6 days a week, 8 hours per day, on his job. Like there is only one scenario in your life, and the rest is heresy. The rest – is fun, masochism, and infantilism, and is unnecessary. And elite sport only exists on television, and is certainly not for a common man. Elite sportsmen are engaged in business, and you are doing nothing. And dancers are certainly useless.

But… What if sport brings you more pleasure than drinking beer in the evening? What if sport makes you healthy and beautiful? And if (oh, no!) sport starts to replace your job? And what if sport helps you making good friends? One should not make a cult form sport and dance, personally I am against excesses, but one can’t see the obvious advantages of it. If a person has such a strong will to choose sport/dance in his adulthood, then maybe he will decide by himself what he will do with his life further.

And if the people of different professions would be asked the same questions:

To a lawyer: “Will you be putting papers from one place to another for your whole life?”

To a designer: “Will you be gazing for days in your computer till your old age? Life is passing by.”

To a manager: “Will you be spending life on phone, talking to people you don’t want to talk to?”

To a worker: “Will you be sharpening the same screw your whole life? It is dull!”

To a doctor: “Will you be wiping snots till you are old?”

To live life according to others – means not living your own life. So you will die, living somebody else’s life. And since we are all mortal, who cares what you do, if you are not harming others? Live, follow the path of your heart and be happy!

Good luck with your trainings.

Slan Silver Bullet (translated by Anna Druganova)